A little more about myself

I was born on April 29, 1966 in Groningen and during my 4th year of life I moved to The Hague, the city where I grew up. Because from a very young age I had a lot of trouble to feel safe in the earthly environment, I fled into self-created fantasy worlds. For me these worlds were reality and I could spend hours in them. My childhood dream to become an airline pilot was also fed by a number of aspects in flying, which could support my urge to explore other realities. The constant leaving of the earth as well as the “entering” of other realities perfectly embodied my inner need not to be here. Over time I established the connection with my true Self that provides me inner safety and peace. This connection serves me to face todays challenges as opportunities for expansion of consciousness rather than as obstacles.
Eventually I started the pilot training in March 1990 at the National Aviation School in Beek (L).
About from my 18th year I experienced more and more the actual presence of other dimensions and I also became more and more aware of my own energy body with which I could enormously broaden the horizon of my emotional world. Because of my personal processes that caused blockages in my own system I was actually drawn more and more to the currents outside the regular circuit. This was because I was unconsciously convinced that outside the mainstream medical circuit the real possibilities to heal and discharge were to be found. By following different therapies, courses, trainings, retreats and workshops I have been able to further develop my own energy work and observing ability. This has also made me even more aware of the fact that our regular health care sector has a far too limited and carelessly tuned aid spectrum to offer. The three-year training to become an advanced DofNA coach (energetic therapist) has brought about an enormous expansion and refinement, especially in the field of attuning to the client. In 2012 I completed my training at L’unité du corps and I do consultations both in the Netherlands and in France.
I follow training courses in dying counseling at the N.I.S. and, in addition to the consultations I do, I work in hospices. I also spend a lot of time in Dhamma Pajjota, the Vipassana meditation centre in Belgium.

Shamanic practice is an essential part of my work and I apply different plant and animal based medicines in the work I do depending on the demand of the client.