Where does a treatment consist of?


It depends entirely on the client what a treatment consists of. Every person requires a different approach since every personal process is unique. In addition, each person has its own unique constitution.

– First the blockages in the body are detected and removed. These blockages originated in the body because information (experience) was not processed properly. Compare the body with a computer; every microsecond the system experiences a new reality. If this information is not processed properly, viruses will develop, and these will cause the computer (the body) to slow down and crash at a given moment. In addition to the information we have obtained in this life, we also carry the information in our cell level of our parents. However, this information is in the subconscious. The cause of physical and / or psychological problems is often in the subconscious. The treatment therefore takes place both in the physical and in the energy body. As a result, the balance between these bodies is restored. If blockades are lifted, the life energy can flow freely again. Symptoms disappear due to the resulting balance in the body.

– A regular part of a treatment is the dive in the subconscious, where contact is made with the inner child. On the basis of the inner child many patterns and attitudes can be broken. Innerchild work is an indispensable element in the healing process. Usually we start with any follow-up sessions (duration: 30-60 minutes)

– A relaxation exercise (duration: 15-30 minutes) is also often part of the consultation. It is a good way to relax in the session and also a handy tool to take home. This is usually a meditation and / or visualization exercise.

Treatment 2

behandeling2During the treatment, discussions take place because the key points during the session come forward. Creating a climate of trust and security is essential for me to work. Both for the client and for myself.

The total duration of a treatment is about 1 to one and a half hours depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Treatment costs: adults 45 euros / children up to 16 years: free

I work according to the l’unité du corps technique. The method is actually a quantum form of osteopathy because it also works in the energy body. Since the chakra system is also used, it has a more holistic character than regular osteopathy. As early as the 1920s in the last century, it was scientifically proven that there is a primary energy flow through the body. (Dr. Sutherland) The life energy comes from the cosmos through the 7th chakra in the body and makes its way through the 7 chakras down and back again. Through blockages in the body (physical and energy body), and especially in the cranio sacral system, this flow can stagnate and complaints arise. An imbalance arises. By this treatment method the equilibrium between the bodies is restored. During this treatment, the core issues that are at the root of the blockages that cause patterns and attitudes emerge. This is what I call the benchmarks in the work. These attitudes and / or patterns are actually the shell under which the actual cause is “hidden.” By on the one hand realizing it and on the other hand energetically discharging, space is created in the system, and space creates peace.

The treatment consists of 3 parts:

1. To restore the energetic balance in the body (physical and energy body).behandeling3
2. Restoring the energetic balance in the skull area, the jaws, and the teeth.
3. Restoring the energetic balance in the chakras.
During any follow-up sessions, advanced sessions will follow, which will work deeper into the system. Useful tools that I use during sessions are: holotropic breathing, meditation, visualization and reflection.