chakraThe current earthly atmosphere it is difficult for many people to understand life from our natural basis of inner peace and inner knowing, and thus to experience life more intensely and happily. One of the main causes of this fact is the fact that we have created a society and environment in which we have handed over our divine capacity to be happy to external powers. We try to find happiness in external matters such as people, matter, belief, status, etc. We try to fill our feelings of emptiness. This dynamic for us is also called co-dependence. This has led us to experience and organize our lives as victims. The co-defying character of this lifestyle is caused by growing up in a dysfunctional environment.

Studies have shown that around 80 to 90% of people grow up in a living environment in which they were not provided with our natural needs such as Love, guidance, safety, care, attention, etc. From self-protection and from survival instinct our True Self has become hidden and we have started living as a pseudo-self. This True Self is actually the Inner Child. Because we have started to identify ourselves with this pseudo-self through our ego, we live on as damaged adult children.

Because we often do not process the experiences that we gain in our lives, there are blockages in the body. These blockages settle in both the physical, energy and 7 main chakras. These blockages (compare it with viruses in the computer) cause complaints, both physically and psychologically. By removing these blockages the life energy can flow freely again, and there is room in the body so that symptoms disappear. The removal is done in the entire body (physical and energetic) so that the complaints do not come back over time. The treatment method is, as it were, a 3-dimensional form of osteopathy.

602919_10151779954269466_1806071774_nBy discharging loaded pieces, space is created in the system through which we can transform from victim to director of our own life. We can experience through awareness that we ourselves have the power to meet the personal needs to live a happy, loving and powerful life from the True Self.

Another big factor in our inner turmoil is the large exposure to many toxic factors in our society. I mainly focus on our dietary patterns and the contaminated elements in nature such as, the air, the water and the earth itself.


But the most underestimated factor in our degenerating health (both mentally and physically) is the enormous chronic exposure to the “electrosmog”. Particularly in our densely populated Randstad, there is a chronic barrage of electromagnetic radiation such as WIFI, 4G, cordless telephony (DECT) and other equipment. This radiation has the same effect on our brain as a microwave. It is an important cause for current diseases such as ADHD, ADD, depression, chronic energy loss, sleep disturbances, etc. Moreover, there is substantial evidence that electromagnetic radiation leads to allergic and inflammatory reactions, changes in the immune system and damage to the DNA. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that these radiation bombardments cause permanent cell stress as a result of disturbed cell communication between the cells. This leads to undesirable changes in brain functions (memory loss, delayed learning, slower motor skills and other disorders in children, headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders).
All these effects already occur well below the current statutory radiation standards.

Harmful radiation sources provide cumulative radiation quantities: GSM masts, UMTS masts, GSMs, Wi-Fi, WiMax, DECT telephones, wireless devices, hotspots, etc. During my treatments, I extensively discuss precautionary measures, detoxification methods and minimizing this electromagnetic exposure.